Extracting of Shoreline in Baltim Beach Using Remote Sensing and Global Positioning System (GPS) Techniques.

Document Type : Research Studies


1 Prof., of Harbor Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt

2 Prof. of Hydraulics, Mansoura University, Dean of Mansoura High Institute of Eng. And Technology

3 Prof., of Harbor Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University, Egypt

4 Ph.D. Student, Irrigation & Hydraulics Dept., Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University, Egypt.


Baltim beach is one of the most important public beaches fronting the central sector of the Nile Delta, Egypt. Many site and region specific shoreline change monitoring programs use labor and time intensity methodologies for data collection. The collection, compilation, and analysis of this data can take years. This study presents a low cost methodology for quantifying regional shoreline change using Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) data. This paper compares multi-spectral imagery from landsat-8 with that of the Global Positioning System (GPS) surveying techniques when used to extract shoreline for Baltim beach. The latest in the Landsat series of satellites was launched February 11, 2013. Image processing techniques have been carried out to enhance the image resolution by the layer stack function using ERDAS Imagine, 2013. The best results from multispectral data were obtained using remote sensing and Geographic Information System (GIS) based on a combination of histogram thresholding and band ratio techniques. Kinematic GPS measurements are made with two GPS receivers, one of which is fixed (base station) located over a known fixed point and the other is moving on shoreline (rover). The data collected by the rover are processed and corrected after taking measurements then post-processed to achieve very high accuracy (sub meters)using Lecia Office Software. Using Landsat-8 OLI’s imagery data analysis showed a good agreement with the global position system (GPS) surveying techniques for extraction of Baltim shoreline.


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