The Economic Return of the Fruitful Roof Gardens of Buildings on the Egyptian State & Individuals, Case Study Government Housing (Asmarat District)

Document Type : Research Studies


Lecturer at Architecture Engineering Department, Modern Academy for Engineering& Technology.


The Egyptian State is currently facing a set of Economic Challenges that represent an obstacle to achieving the Quality of Life for the Egyptian People, The most important of which are the Population increase in exchange for limited Economic Capabilities & Resources, Economic Inflation, High prices of Energy & Basic Commodities, a decline in the Agricultural Area& The production of Basic Crops due to Urban Sprawl, Pollution, Climate Change & Water crisis, All these Problems & Challenges require all the Specialists in this matter  to cooperate and work to find urgent, practical, tested & low-cost solutions to improve the Economic Situation and achieve the minimum Quality of Life for the Egyptian Citizen, which can be achieved by Productive Green Roofs of Buildings, The Research Methodology is represented in the theoretical approach to presenting the different methods of planting Roofs and comparing them to choose Sustainable and appropriate methods of Agriculture, then Selecting  Asmarat  District as a model of Government  Housing projects for application to spread the concept, The research also emphasizes the importance of State Institutions adopting Fruitful Roof  Gardens of Buildings and their primary role in supporting, disseminating & motivating the community to grow Roofs on a large Scale not Individual attempts as is the case currently.


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