Comparison of Analytical Examples of Old and Contemporary Libyan House from an Environmental Sustainability Perspective.

Document Type : Research Studies


1 BSc Architecture and Urban Planning - Faculty of Engineering - Al-Zawia University

2 Architecture Department, Faculty of Engineering, Mansoura University, Egypt

3 Lecturer of Architecture Department of Architecture -Faculty of Engineering - Mansoura University


The design of dwellings can possibly affect the environment negatively in terms of excessive consumption of natural resources. This potential increases if the principles and standards of environmental design through appropriate architectural treatments of the house are ignored. Good housing design should maintain a performance h designed to enhance the internal environment by minimizing the negative impact on the construction and natural environment and benefit from nature to the maximum degree possible. As a result, energy consumption will be optimized and thus, the environment preserved.
The purpose of this paper is to compare the environmental and architectural treatments of the old and modern Libyan dwellings. The study opens the door to the different ways of employing these environmental treatments in the design process and how the old ones were adapted to reach the design of a modern environmentally friendly dwelling. The old house is concluded from the study to have the proper environmentally friendly standards according to these sustainable trends. The paper recommends merging and an appropriate accommodation of the traditional lessons from the old house to reach the maximum advantages for the new one by adapting the this experience in the desert region located by the Mediterranean Coast, in an intellectual and methodical sequence.


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