Contemporary Environmental Performance Rating Systems for Educational Buildings (Case Study: Colongeel Primary School in Mansoura).

Document Type : Research Studies


1 Demonstrator, Architectural Dept, Delta High Institute for Engineering and Technology, Mansoura

2 Professor, Architectural Dept, Mansoura University

3 Department of Architecture – faculty of Engineering – Mansoura University


The school building is one of the most important elements of the educational process. It is an important factor in its success and increase the level of scientific performance of the students, whenever the school building is suitable and equipped with all the means of comfort, the positive effect will be on the whole educational process. and in the same context, there are several determinants of help to improve the environmental performance of the building and check adapted to the building with the surrounding environment without damaging the building or the environment with the convenience of individuals, which result in knowledge of the requirements the design and trying each side is interested in developing an ongoing basis.
So it will deal to find the performance of global rating systems for sustainable educational buildings and also deal with the rating system of Egypt as the local system and clarifying each system and achievement credit of the system of those parameters and comparing these determinants in order to access to the determinants of improving the performance of the school in the context of specific and comprehensive, and then try to gain access to the methodology in the context of the most important credits affecting the performance of the building which can be applied to the existing school building to increase the sustainability of the school. The research will also include an applied example of an existing school building with proposed modifications and a determination of the sustainability ratio that is accessible to the school


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