Volume & Issue: Volume 42, Issue 4, December 2017 
The Influence of the Sensual Environment of the Urban Space on the Users.

Pages 1-12

Esraa Taher Mashaly; Nanees Abd elhameid Elsayad; Lamis Saad El-Din El-Gizawy

Control the Ambient Noise Level to Increase the Acoustic Efficiency of the Educational Building.

Pages 13-23

Sanaa Abd El-ghany El-dyasty Ahmed; Alaa Mohamed El-Eashy; Asmaa Nasr Eldin Elbadrawy

Theoretical and Experimental Investigation on Different Parameters Affecting Heat Pipe Performance Charged with R-22.

Pages 1-9

Ahmed Abdel Razik Sultan; Ali Mostafa ElBouz; Nabih Abdellateif Semary; Mohammed Ehab Kandil

Restoring Water and Salt Balance of Qarun Lake, Fayoum, Egypt.

Pages 1-14

Mahmoud Mohamed Abd El Aziz Elgamal; Kasem Salah Abd El Wahab El Alfy; Mohamed Gamal Mohamed Abdullah; Fahmy Salah Abdelhaleem; Ahmad Mohamed Sedqi Elhamrawy

Treatment of Colored Wastewater from Textile Industry Using Electrocoagulation Process.

Pages 15-20

Mahmoud Medhat Khedher; Mohamed Ahmed Abd El Hakim Mosaad; Hisham Khalil El-Etriby

Effect of Confinement Techniques on Mechanical Behavior of Over-Reinforced HSC Beams.

Pages 21-26

Seleem Saleh Elsaid Ahmad; Mohamed Yousry El-Shikh; Mohamed Ahmed Refaat Elmahdy

Mobile Flume for Inverted Semicircular Open Channel.

Pages 27-36

Hoda Abo elmaaty Matter; Mossaad Bayoumi Khadr; Ibrahim Mohamed Rashwan