Volume & Issue: Volume 40, Issue 6, December 2015 (Sharm conference papers) 
Comparative Study of Concrete-Encased Composite Column Strength.

Pages 1-19

Nabil S. Mahmoud; Saad El-deen M. Abd-rabou; Khaled M. H. Megahed

Static Analysis of Cable Stayed Structural System Used for Covering Stadia.

Pages 20-35

Youssef Agag; M. Naguib; M. El-Tantawy; Alshimaa Ahmed

Evaluation of Bored Piles Load Capacity in Rock Bearing.

Pages 64-73

M. F. Tarek; M. A. Bahr; S. A. Gad; A. H. Zaki

Evaluation of Polymer Modified Asphalt Mixtures in Pavement Construction.

Pages 74-82

I. Amin; R. Alabasey; Abdelhalim Azam; Sherif Massoud EL-Badawy; A. Gabr