Volume & Issue: Volume 41, Issue 4, December 2016 
Development and Investigation of the Performance of a New Self-Aspirated Microbubbles Generator.

Pages 1-8

Ali M. Aboghazala; Ayman I. Bakry; Aly H. Gadallah; EL-Shenawy A. EL-Shenawy

Modeling of Carbon Dioxide Capture in Fluidized Bed.

Pages 18-27

Shady Emad; Ahmed Abd-Elsalam Hegazi; Salah H. El-Emam; Farouk M. Okasha

Random Commercial Spaces Potentials and Problems.

Pages 21-29

Eman Farouk Ahmed El_sherbiny; Alaa Mohamed El-Eashy; Mona Awad Elwazir