Volume & Issue: Volume 39, Issue 4, December 2014 
The Urban Role of Iconic Buildings in Intermediate Cities: Mansoura City as a Case Study.

Pages 11-28

Ahmad Salah El-Din Mohammad; Alaa Mohamed El-Eashy; Mohammed Taha Alazab

Sustainable Rural Urbanism Development in Egypt.

Pages 29-38

Mamdouh A. A. Mohamed; Mohamed E. El-Attar; Sherief A. Sheta

Economics of Using Marble Powder in Self-Compacting Concrete in Egypt.

Pages 27-41

Ahmed H. Abdel Raheem; Ahmed M. Tahwia; Mohamed A. Kandil

New Crack Arresting Methodology Using Structural Optimizing Technique.

Pages 14-26

Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Fanny; N. Fouda; M. Shabara; Mona Ahmed Awad

Biogas Utilization Model Using Linear Programming for Layer Farms.

Pages 1-18

Ibrahim Gar Al-Alam Rashed; Hesham Nagy Abdel-Mageed; Rabab Ezzat Matouk