Volume & Issue: Volume 19, Issue 4, December 1994 (VOL 19 has two issues issue 4 consist of two parts from (September to December)) 
Computer Aided Educational Expert Technique.

Pages 16-25

Kamel Mohamed Soliman; Sabry Fouad Saraya; A. F. El-Gamal

Adaptive Enhacement of Ambulatory Electrocardiograms.

Pages 38-50

Fatma El-Zahraa Mohamed Rashad Abou-Chadi

Optimum Shunt Capacitor for Power Factor Compensation in the Presence of Harmonics.

Pages 62-74

Mohamed Ibrahim El-Saied; Gabr Mohamed Abd El-Sallam; Abd El-Rahman Ahmed Amin

New Approach for Predicting Rectangular and Square Tube Settlers Length.

Pages 10-16

Ahmed A. Ashry; Salah El-Din Behiry; Mousa S. El-Bisy

Load Distribution for Tube in Tube Structural System.

Pages 33-41

Attia Helal Bayoumy; Amgad M. Khalid

Factors Affecting the Shape of Wrinkles in Garment Fabrics.

Pages 1-12

Mohamed Ahmed Sultan; Hemdan Abdo Abou-Taleb