Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 2, December 1985 
Engineering Characteristics of Mansourah Peat layer.

Pages 1-18

M. M. Bahloul; M. El-Shabrawy; A. H. Abdel-Reheem

An Analytical Study between some Types of Transition Curves.

Pages 19-44

M. E. Sakr; M. El-Shabrawy; M. H. Abdel-Rahim

Experimental Investigation of Solar Absorption Refrigeration System.

Pages 20-33

Magdy Mohamed Mohamed Abou Rayan; A. A. Desoky; H. I. Osman

Decontamination of Radioactively Contaminated Water Using Natural Local Materials.

Pages 1-8

Ahmed N. Sharf El-Deen; Mohamed M. El-Dessouky; Ibrahim Rashed