Volume & Issue: Volume 32, Issue 4, December 2007 
Boiling Heat Transfer in Closed Loop Heat Pipe.

Pages 1-12

Hesham Mostafa; Kamel Abd_elsalam

Forced Convection Heat Transfer for Air Flow across Fat Tubes Heat Exchanger.

Pages 13-23

Mohamed Mahmoud Moustafa Awad; Hesham Mostafa; Gamal Ibrahim Ahmed Sultan; A. El-booz; A. M. K. El-Ghonemy

Electro-Mechanical Modelling and Load Sway Control of Gantry Cranes.

Pages 58-69

F. Al-Fares; T. G. A. Al-Fiqi; H. Al-Mubarak; M. Al-Ajmi

Modeling of Trihalomethanes in Benha Water Supply Network.

Pages 1-13

Mohamed Basiouny; Tarek Elmitwalli Attia; Mohamed Ghazy

Thermal and Hydraulic Analysis for Air Flow Across Flat Tubes Air Cooled Condensers.

Pages 30-42

M. M. Awad; H. M. Mostafa; A. El-Booz; A. M.K. El-Ghonemy