Volume & Issue: Volume 46, Issue 4, December 2021 
Comparative Analytical Study on Water Efficiency Category in Green Building Rating Systems.

Pages 8-21

Raghda Abdelwahab Osman Hamed Darwish; Sherif Ahmed Ali Sheta; Heba Mohamed Ahmed Abdou

Current Status of the Electronic Waste Problem in Egypt.

Pages 10-19

Hesham Lotfy Hassan Rabie Sakr; Mohamed Ghassoub Saafan; Mohamed Sabry Saraya

Designing of Single Switching DBD Ozone Generator.

Pages 20-26

Mohamed B. El_Mashede; Magdy M. Zaky; A. Saleh; M. EL-Hanash

Development Machine Learning Techniques to Enhance Cyber Security Algorithms.

Pages 36-46

Ghada Mohamed Amer; Ehab Hany Abd El Hay; Ibrahim Yasser Abdel-Baset; Mohamed Abd El Azim Mohamed