Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Issue 2, December 1988 
The Static Stiffness of the Interference Shrink-Fitted Joints.

Pages 17-32

Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim Elewa Ammar; Robert Thornley

On the Turbulent Flow past Cambered Bodies with Blowing.

Pages 57-67

Gamal Ibrahim Ahmed Solatan; A. El-Hadik; M. A. El-Hefny

Water Classification or El-Bahr El-Sagheir.

Pages 1-14

Gar Al-Alam Rashed; A. E. Bastawissi; M. M. El-Desouky; M. El-Komy

Preparation and Characterization of some Polyalkylarylamines.

Pages 27-37

A. Shaaban; M. A. El-Komy; A. A. Al-Sarwy; I. Gar Al-Alam Rashed

Some Polyalkylarylamines as a Coagulant Aid in Water Treatment.

Pages 38-48

M. A. El-Komy; I. Rashed; A. F. Shaaban; A. A. Al-Sarwy