Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, June 1980 
Wave Propagation on High Voltage Power Lines.

Pages 1-18

Mahmoud Ahmed Saber Kandil; Mohamed Abd El-Moniem Tantawy; R. M. K. El-Dewieny

An Integrated 3-Phase Gate-Driver for Thyristor-Operated Control-Systems.

Pages 19-29

Ahmed Abdul-Maguid Hassan; Mahmoud Saber Ahmed Kandil; Ahmed E. Mobapka

Factors Affecting Corona Characteristics of Thin Wires.

Pages 40-57

S. A. Hassan; Youssif A. E. Abed; L. A. E. El-Zeftawy

Numerical Techniques for Load Flow Studies.

Pages 72-86

S. A. Hassan; F. S. Thalouth; A. A. Abo El-Ela

Evaluation of the Performance of Different Relays under Magnetizing Inrush Current.

Pages 89-100

Mahmoud Saber Ahmed Kandil; F. I. Ahmed; H. H. El-Tamally

Dispatch Security Assessment in Power Systems.

Pages 114-119

Mohamed Abd El-Moniem Tantawy; Ahmed Abd El-Majeed Mohamed Hassan

Effect of Solar Cell Surface Coating on Conversion Efficiency.

Pages 58-71

Mahmoud Saber Kandil; Mohamed Abd El-Moniem Tantawy; Mofreh Mohamed Salem Mofreh