Volume & Issue: Volume 47, Issue 4, August 2022 
A Proposed Video Super-Resolution Strategy using Wavelet Multi-Scale Convolutional Neural Networks

Pages 1-10

M. A. Elgohary; Fathi E. Abd EL-Samie; Walid El-Shafai; M. A. Mohamed; E. H. Abdelhay

Benefits of Replacement Public Transportation Fleet With Electrical Buses in An Urban Area in Egypt

Pages 9-19

Mohamed S. Eisa; Mostafa M, Rabah; Ibrahim M. Ramadan; Eman M, Ahmed

Cost Optimization of Water Distribution Networks without Storage Tanks

Pages 1-18

G. Ghali; Berge Djebedjian; Abdel-Rahim Dohina; Yahia M. Fouda