Volume & Issue: Volume 47, Issue 2, March and April 2022 (With Cover) 
Predicting Resilient Modulus of Unbound Granular Base/Subbase Material.

Pages 1-10

Yasser F. Al-Dulaimi; Ahmed M. Awed; Alaa R. Gabr; Sherif M. EL-Badawy

The Impact of the Visual Image of the Urban Environment on Human Behavior

Pages 1-12

Aya Tharwat El-sayed; Ahmed El-Tantawy El-madawy; Marwa Aatef Abd Elhady

Photoacoustic Imaging in Medicine – A Review

Pages 17-31

Mohammed Tarek GadAllah; Abd El-Naser Abd El-Gawad Mohamed; Alaa Abd El-Fattah Hefnawy; Hassan EL-Banna Zidan; Ghada Mohammed El-Banby; Samir Mohammed Badawy

Covid-19 Patients Diagnosis (CPD) Strategy Using Data Mining Techniques

Pages 32-41

Alaa Mostafa Mohamed; Ahmed Saleh; Doaa A. Altantawy; Mohy Eldin Ahmed Abo-Elsoud

Evaluation of Buildings Structure Alternatives Using Life-Cycle Cost Prediction Model

Pages 23-34

Ahmed Nouh; K. M. El‐Dash; M. Basiouny; Omia S. El Hadididi

Efficient and Compact Optical NOR Gate based on Photonic Crystal Platform

Pages 1-5


Cooling Energy Savings for A Campus Building Using Sustainable Envelope-Case Study.

Pages 50-61

Reda Y. M. ALLAM; Rafik BELARBI; Madi KABORE; Sherif Sheta

The Flexibility Effect of Using Heritage Formation Vocabulary in Contemporary Architecture

Pages 71-79

may hassan ayad; Nanees Abdel Hamid Mohamed Ali ElSayyad; Lamis Saad El Din El Gizawi

Development Solutions for Internal Architectural Education Environment to Harmonize Hybrid Education

Pages 28-38

Ahmed Yosry Basma; Alaa Mohammed El-aishy; Marwa Atef Abd El-Hady; Ahmed Yosry El-Saeed Basma

The Influence of Flight Height and Overlap on UAV Imagery Over Featureless Surfaces

Pages 34-42

Ahmed Elhadary; Mostafa Rabah; Essam Ghanim; Rasha Mohie; Ahmed Taha