Volume & Issue: Volume 45, Issue 4, December 2020 
Improving Energy Efficiency in Heritage Buildings inside Egypt.

Pages 17-29

Neven Nader Hosny Hanna; Lamis Saad El-Din El-Gezawy; Asmaa Nasr El-Din El Badrawy

Types of Faltering Government Projects (Case Studies in the Qassim Region).

Pages 78-85

Mohammed Ahmed Al-Thuwaini; Abdulaziz Ibrahim Alhrabi

The Architectural and Urban Formation of the New Cities Identity (Case Study: The New Administrative Capital).

Pages 86-95

Maryam Ali Mohamed EL-Baz; Ahmed Al-Tantawi Al-Maadawy; Asmaa Nasr El-din Elbadrawy

The Impact of Advanced Construction Technology on Refugee Shelters.

Pages 110-120

Asmaa Ahmed Abd El-Hay El-Taweel; Methat A. Samra

Effect of Increasing Organic Loading Rate on the Performance of Conventional and Modified Sequencing Batch Reactors.

Pages 1-6

Hossam ElDin Abdelaziz; Moharram Fouad Abdo Allaa El Din; Mohamed Ahmed Abd El Hakim

Compressive Strength and Water Absorption of CSEB Mixtures.

Pages 14-20

Ahmed Oan; Alaa Abdeltawab; Amr Elhefnawy

Deep Learning Grading System for Diabetic Retinopathy using Fundus Images.

Pages 1-8

Doaa Elsawah; Ahmed Elnakib; Hossam El-Din Salah Moustafa

Impact of Virtual Flow Rate Meter on Brushless DC Motor Based PV-Water Pumping System.

Pages 9-17

Mahmoud Abdo; Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed Saeed; Magdi El-Saadawi

An Approach of Load Management and Cost Saving for Industrial Production Line Using Particle Swarm Optimization.

Pages 37-44

Esraa Abd Elsadek; Hamdy Ahmed Abd El-Khalek Ashour; Ragi A. Hamdy; Mohamed Moustafa M. Sedky

Optimal Location of EV-PV Charging Stations in a Radial Distribution System.

Pages 45-52

El Shaimaa Mohamed Eid; Mohammed Saeed; Magdi El-Saadawi

MRI Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Deep Learning.

Pages 45-54

Shimaa E. Nassar; Mohamed Abd El-Azim Mohamed; Ahmed Elnakib