Volume & Issue: Volume 34, Issue 4, December 2009 
Hydraulic Calibration of Pipe Network Model Using an Improved Genetic Technique.

Pages 1-21

A. S. El-Ansary; Abd El-Razek Ahmed ElSayed Zeidan; Mahmoud Mohamed Abd El-Aziz Ahmed El-Gamal; Hamdy Ahmed Abd El-Latief Abd El-Latief El-Ghandour

A Proposed PVPS Simulink Model Suitable for Direct Coupled AC Loads.

Pages 12-21

Magdy Mohamed Ali El-Saadawi; Mohamed Adel Rateb Mohamed El-Sayes; M. F. Al-Hamdan

Study of Heat Pipe Performance with Water/ Water-Based Nanofluid.

Pages 34-45

Mohamed Ghassoub Saafan; Elsayed Mohamed Elshafei; Osama Mohamed Hamed Ali Ebraheem

Augmentation of Solar Still Performance Using Flash Evaporation.

Pages 16-33

A. M. El-Zahaby; A. A. Kabeel; A. I. Bakry; S. A. El-agouz; O. M. Hawam