Volume & Issue: Volume 16, Issue 2, December 1991 
Power System Planning in Developing Countries - The Case of Jordan.

Pages 112-126

Hafez El-Zayyat; Zainel-Abideen Tahboub; Fawwaz El-Karmi

Cost of Electricity Outage in Jordan.

Pages 127-139

F. Z. Elkarmi; H. M. El-Zayyat; Z. A. Tahboub

On Line Algorithm for Line Overload Alleviation.

Pages 140-148

K. Yassin; E. Abd-Raboh; E. Towfik

Computer Control in Power Systems.

Pages 151-161

E. Abd-Raboh; A. E.E. Ibrahim

Microprocessor Based PID Controller Design and Implementation.

Pages 165-178

Kamel M. Soliman; Sabry Fouad Saraya; Wael R. El-Wasif

Design of a Robust Electro-Mechanical Control System.

Pages 179-181

Sabry Fouad Saraya; Fayez Fahmy Gomaa Areed

Some Relationships among Residual, Micro-Structure, and Micro-Hardness Ensued due to Vertical End Milling Operations.

Pages 1-12

M. ES. Abdel-Moneim; M. Shaker; Mohamed Ahmed Nasr Shabara; A. A. El-Domiaty; A. ES. Nassf

Flash Temperature for W/N Circular Arc Gears.

Pages 71-90

Ahmed Moustafa Mohamed El-Bahloul

Analytic Solution of two-Dimensional Transient Heat Conduction.

Pages 101-111

Bishri Abdel-Hamid; Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed Mahgoub

Influence of the Cleaning Operation on the Quality of the Yarn.

Pages 39-58

Rizk Abdullah Mahmoud El-Bealy; Mahmoud Talat

Quality Assessment of Nonwoven Air Filters used in Fertilizer Factories.

Pages 59-70

S. Ibrahim; M. El-Messiery; Hemdan Abou-Taleb; M. Salama; N. H. Mostafa