Volume & Issue: Volume 20, Issue 4, December 1995 (VOL 20 has two issues issue 4 consist of two parts from (September to December)) 
Database, Registries and Monitoring of Congenital and Genetic Malformation.

Pages 12-22

Mohamed Nour El-Sayed Ahmed; Nadia Hegazi; Samia El-Temtamy; Ehab Aboul-Ezz; Najwa Abd El-Megid; Ali El-Hazmi

The Effect of Vehicle Suspension System Components on the Ride Comfort due to Road Roughness.

Pages 28-37

Ashraf Shaaban; Yousef Abo-Mossalam; Kamal Abed; Nihad El-Chazly

Computer Aided Analysis and Design of Risers.

Pages 12-27

Tawfik Tawfik El-Midany; Abd El-Razzak Abd El-Rahim Aboul-Nour; Farouk Ahmed Shehata; Adham Ragheb